Halloween Happenings: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture ShowIt’s that time of year again with Halloween less than a week away, to start tracking the various Halloween events going on. So expect a bunch of these posts the next few days!

The Tower Theatre is again showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show this year, on both nights this weekend: Saturday the 29th and Sunday October 30th. You can buy tickets to either (or both) showings online for only $10 (that’s a good deal), and word in the comments last year was that they were also selling “kits” for $5 (if you’re not familiar with what sort of kit you’d need at Rocky Horror, Google it).

The Saturday showing starts at 10pm and is 21-and-over only; on Sunday it starts at 9pm and is an all-ages show. It’s a fun time, so if you’re looking for something to do this weekend you won’t go wrong with Rocky Horror.