Deschutes Brewery Garage Sale Saturday

Deschutes Brewery annual garage saleSaturday, December 3rd (that’s tomorrow!), Deschutes Brewery is holding their annual garage sale: where you can buy all sorts of Deschutes merchandise (most or all of which is discontinued or overstock) like t-shirts, sweatshirts, glassware, hats, jackets, and other random things. (For instance in past years, I’ve picked up a Jubelale tap handle and a really nice wood-mounted Twilight Ale poster print for $5 each.)

This year’s garage sale isn’t taking place at the Mountain Room however, it’s going to be at the Brewery’s Lower Warehouse, located at 399 Shevlin-Hixon Avenue—right across the street from the Les Schwab Amphitheater. The other change-up is that besides the usual excess (leftover) merchandise on sale, they’re bringing in some special garage-sale-only items not available elsewhere—like lip balm, dog collars and leashes! (Part of me has to wonder if it’s beer-flavored lip balm…)

It all takes place early, from 9am until noon—so you can hit the sale before the Christmas Parade downtown. But remember there will be a lot of people there too, so be patient and get there early for the best deals.