Changes in the Old Mill

Old Mill DistrictDown in the Old Mill District, there are some changes taking place:

  • Bath & Body Works is planning to close from February 8th through March 7th, in order to perform some remodeling.
  • The Children’s Place is closing entirely, on January 21st, and right now they’ve got a big sale going on to clear their merchandise: 60% off on already marked-down items, 50% off on pajamas, and “Winter gloves and hats as low as $2.99!”

And speaking of shops in the Old Mill, has anyone been in to Savory Spice Shop yet? I admit, I was pretty skeptical, but they have an impressive selection and (while pretty niche) seems like a great source for unusual spices and salts—worth visiting.

5 thoughts on “Changes in the Old Mill

  1. The Spice Shop is very cool. Not sure where else I can get Grains of Paradise in Bend. It was busy when I was there. But can Bend support that particular kind of specialty shop? I hope so but who knows.

  2. I like the Savory Spice shop too. Good prices and friendly staff. I like that they’ll fill your containers from home so there’s less packaging waste. My daughter liked the samples. Sensible store location next to Ginger’s Kitchenware.

  3. Bath & Body Works has delayed their store remodel until 2013. Another change however… Talbots will be closing at the end of January and Zumiez will be taking their space and opening this spring. Thanks!

  4. Noelle,

    When I was at the register yesterday, the employee told me to use up my GC before February since they are closing for a month to remodel. I guess B&BW needs to let their employees know that the remodel is delayed.

  5. Another thumbs up for Savory. I needed an unusual spice for a curry and they not only had it, they immediately knew what it was and where to find it. I dashed in right before they closed so I didn’t linger but I’m looking forward to spending more time in there and happy I don’t have to mail order hard-to-find herbs and spices ahead of time.

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