Battledecks and Ignite Bend 8 voting party

Battledecks Jan. 31Coming up on Tuesday, January 31st is the Ignite Bend “Battledecks” event which combines what can best be described as “Ignite improv” with the Ignite Bend 8 voting party.

Join us at GoodLife Brewing on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 7pm for Battledecks and the Ignite Bend 8 voting party! Grab a beer, grab the mic (sign up first, please), let your light shine, or sit back enjoy. While you’re there, be sure to cast your vote for the Ignite Bend 8 proposals you want to see on February 23 at the Tower Theatre!

What is Battledecks, anyway?
Get a taste of what the Ignite experience is like with Battledecks: a powerpoint karaoke where you ad-lib your way through slides you’ve never seen before. Inspired by similar events held at SXSW Interactive, Battledecks is a fast-paced, fun, laugh riot where “contestants” have to put together a presentation on the fly as slides are randomly projected for their confusion and the delight of the audience.

It’ll be a fun time and there’s beer involved which always makes karaoke-improv-like events even more fun! So mark up your calendar for Tuesday the 31st and come on down to GoodLife!

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  1. Do you happen to know when tickets will become available for Ignite Bend 8? I know they went super fast last time & I don’t want to miss out!

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