Togo’s in the old Quiznos

Togo's SandwichesOver on the eastside, a Togo’s Sandwich Shop is set to open in the space formerly occupied by Quiznos. According to the Bulletin, the opening should be February 1st.

I know next to nothing about Togo’s as a brand, but apparently there are some 240 of them around; but it looks like pastrami is one of their big signatures. Has anyone tried them? Are they good?

They should be open in a couple weeks to find out; they’re on east Highway 20, next to Double Happiness and across the street from the East Bend Library.

11 thoughts on “Togo’s in the old Quiznos

  1. Last time I ate at Togo’s was in Salem, maybe 7 years ago? It was good – a step above Subway for sure. (The pre-sliced meat thing gives me the heebie jeebies, and Togo’s sliced meat to order… At least at that time.)

    Any scoop on the Bend O Bento going in at the old NY Sub Shop location on Wilson? (In the strip mall near 15th.)

  2. Pretty much what Jen said. Several years for me too. Jimmy John’s will probably still get most of my business because they’re quick and close. But if I find myself on the east side around lunchtime I’ll definitely pick one up.

  3. as a bay area native i grew up on togo’s. way better than subway, i’m going to be the first in line! small #9 is their most popular for sure (pastrami). i’m a b.l.t. kind of girl, though.

  4. Awesome news, looking forward to Togo’s. I’m from LA and they have a bunch there… Way better then Subway. Now if bend can get a Coffee Bean!

  5. Looking forward to it.

    What I’m not excited about, however, is the brand new New York City subs opening in the strip mall on 3rd, where the Safeway and Ace Hardware reside. That’s a terrible place for a restaurant! Plus, why are their footlong subs close to $10?? Rip-off.

    1. NYC Subs have 8 inches for $6.45, their larges are 16 inches for $11.90, according to their Web site, and their larges are more than enough to feed my wife and I. And they’re good (I like hot subs).

      As for the Togo’s, no idea about them, but I find it funny that a sandwich place would open there right next to Tuckmo Sandwiches (of course, I wondered why Tuckmo opened next to Quiznos).

  6. Togo’s was a weekly habit growing up in the Bay Area, but they changed a lot in the past 20 years. As you may have noticed, their signature sandwiches can be ordered by a number – #9 is a pastrami, #26 is a turkey, ham, and cheese, etc.

    Comparing them to Jimmy Johns – the bread is about 2x the width and similar length. Choices of bread are many compared to a Jimmy Johns flute (not knocking them – I have often bought day old flute to make my own sandwiches at home).

    comparing them to Subway – Togos has a lot less produce choices, but offers a
    few different choices, such as pepperoncinis. pile also offers pepperocinis

  7. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how excited this makes me and my family!! Togo’s is the ONLY place for sandwiches! We have been known to drive to Beaverton just to get Togo’s and then drive back home!

  8. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how excited this makes me and my family! Togo’s is the ONLY place for sandwiches!!

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