Broken Top Bottle Shop is now open

Broken Top Bottle ShopYesterday, on a whim, we decided to swing over to the westside to see if the new Broken Top Bottle Shop (taking over the old Abbey Pub space) was open yet; I knew that they had been planning to open by this weekend but hadn’t seen any updates online about it, so at the very least we figured we’d drive by (and if not, try out the new Brother Jon’s Alehouse downtown).

Good thing we did, and our timing was perfect: they did in fact open just at 4:30pm—we got there about 4:45, saw that the paper covering the windows was down and a bunch of people were inside, apparently people were lined up outside waiting on them!

So, we stopped, got a table (there were four of us, and we were kid-free for the evening), and I’m pleased to say that not only was it busy but we had excellent beers, excellent food, and for only opening within the hour there were remarkably few opening day snags (and the few they had were completely understandable).

They have 10 or 12 good beers on tap, and are starting with a strong menu; among the four of us we had the pulled pork sandwich, Philly sandwich French dip, Caesar salad with salmon, and Reuben sandwich. They are going to be open 7 days a week (including today!) from 11 to 10pm I believe, so get down there and check them out.

3 thoughts on “Broken Top Bottle Shop is now open

  1. Thanks so much for coming by! We at Broken Top Bottle Shop & Ale Cafe are so glad you came by when you did! And, thanks for the kudos on the smooth opening day, as well as the beer and food! We look forward to your next visit!

  2. I have to say we were extremely disappointed with Broken Top. Perhaps because we had lunch earlier at Bro Jon’s Alehouse and the server was fantastic.

    We had a group of 5 and the bartender brought us out one beer menu. We asked for a couple more and they never came. Keep in mind the place was empty. The plan was just to try beers but I did peruse the dinner menu and it looked worth trying. I’m more of a dark porter girl. Darker the better. The beer choices were definitely not up my alley but I assume their variety will continuously change. We ordered water with our beers and I was a little surprised to have lukewarm tap water brought to our table. It was as if someone had washed their hands with warm water then immediately turned it to cold and didn’t wait at all before filling the glasses. Our designated driver ordered a coke. This was brought out in a room temperature can and a glass with a couple ice cubes. Seriously disappointing since I just had a baby and spent 9 months hauling all my beer pals around drinking waters and sodas while they imbibed. If I was still pregnant I’d have to say I would seriously protest returning just based on the service alone in that aspect.

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