Pliny the Younger beer tasting at The Brew Shop

Pliny the YoungerAttention beer geeks: this Sunday, March 11th, the Brew Shop & Platypus Pub is hosting a fundraising event beer tasting for the much-coveted Pliny the Younger from California’s Russian River Brewing:

Platypus Pub and The Brew Shop are pleased to announce the first annual Russian River Pliny the Younger Fundraising Event. The annual release of Russian River Brewing Pliny the Younger is here. We will be selling tickets at 11 AM this Sunday, March 11th. The $10 ticket is good for one 8 oz. glass of this special beer.

There will also be five other Russian River beers on tap:

  • Pliny the Elder – double IPA
  • Blind Pig – IPA
  • Damnation – Belgian blonde
  • Consecration – sour aged in Cabernet barrels
  • Supplication – sour aged in Pinot barrels

And we will be offering a taster tray of five Russian River beers for $15.

Five dollars will be donated for every Pliny the Younger ticket sold. Three dollars will be donated for every taster tray sold. Fifty cents will be donated for every Russian River beer sold.

There will also be a raffle for some Russian River swag. These tickets will be $5 each. The prizes include:

  • Russian River pint glasses
  • Russian River T-shirts
  • Russian River hats
  • Pliny the Younger work shirt

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Humane Society of Central Oregon.

They are going to start selling the tickets at 11am, and the tasting will be starting at 12—however, in their email  newsletter they added, “As we are expecting extreme interest for this beer, it will be served in phases.”

This is an extremely limited tasting event (I believe they only received a single five-gallon keg, which would yield about 80 eight-ounce glasses) and proceeds are benefiting a good cause. If you like beer you should check this out.

Incidentally, Pliny the Younger is generally considered a “triple IPA” with more hops than most and 11% alcohol by volume—not for the faint of heart!