Letzer’s Deli is closing Friday

Sorry to see that Letzer’s Deli is closing their doors for good tomorrow, Friday the 23rd; I wasn’t aware they were having problems (considering they’d opened a second location downtown), but they posted on Facebook today:

As of Friday afternoon, March 23rd. Letzer’s Deli will close its doors for good. Thank you to all of our loyal customers.

And in the comments:

We already closed the Division St. store and we are closing the store on Franklin tomorrow. It is located behind the Remax building east of Bond and west of Lava (where St. Francis church is).

2 thoughts on “Letzer’s Deli is closing Friday

  1. well that blows. i still have a gift certificate left that i was saving for a ‘splurge’ day. those were some delicious sandwiches.

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