Boondocks is closing

Boondocks Bar and GrillI heard it on the radio this morning, and KTVZ had a story today as well, that Boondocks Bar and Grill downtown is closing. Saturday is their last day. They had announced it this last Saturday on their Facebook page:

Thank you for many years of fun, joy, excitement and of course drama. Yes, we will be closed on March 31, 2012. Please come out to support us for one last week!

The KTVZ article calls it “troubled” and indeed the location overall seems to have its share of troubled business; it was previously occupied by Jokers Bar and Grill which closed in 2008 amid fines and liquor licensing issues and rumors of bad checks being written to the tune of thousands of dollars. Boondocks didn’t have those issues but certainly has a reputation for being a rough place (as the links to stories of fights and stabbings at the bottom of the KTVZ article indicate).