Win passes for the Tour du Chocolat this Friday

This Friday, April 6, is the annual Tour du Chocolat, a dessert tasting event that brings together a great lineup of local chocolatiers who compete with their chocolate creations in a variety of categories—and the best part is, it’s open for folks to come taste the results.

A “must stop” for chocolate lovers of all ages during downtown Bend’s First Friday.  Special reception for Tower Members at 5 p.m.  Doors open to the general public at 6pm.  Four chocolate samples and a drink (wine, beer, milk or water) for only $5.  Presented by Country Financial.  Proceeds benefit the Tower Theatre Foundation.

The chefs and chocolatiers include 10 Below, 900 Wall, Broken Top, Fearless Baking, Ida’s Cupcakes, Lidia’s Chocolates, Tate and Tate, The Well Traveled Fork, Zydeco, and student teams from COCC’s Cascade Culinary Institute are all contributing.

Now, the good part: COUNTRY Financial (who’s presenting the Tour) is is offering two lucky Hack Bend readers a free tasting pass good for eight tastes to Friday night’s Tour du Chocolat! Here’s how it works: leave a comment on this blog post, telling why you’d like to win a tasting pass and on Wednesday, April 4, COUNTRY Financial will select two commenters at random on this post to win a tasting pass.

(April 4 gives COUNTRY time to contact the Tower and set up the passes for you.)

Get commenting! And good luck!

Tour du Chocolat

Tour du Chocolat

Tour du Chocolat

18 thoughts on “Win passes for the Tour du Chocolat this Friday

  1. I would love to win these tickets for my awesome co-worker! She’s been so good watching her sugar intake…I think a little chocolate splurge is needed! Pick me!

  2. I’d love to win these tickets because I know a couple girls presenting, and I want to support them! Yay for the ladies of !

  3. I would love to win these tickets because I will ask a random girl on a date to get our chocolate. Girls love chocolate which maybe will make them love me

  4. Okay, gonna sound like a total grouch here… but aren’t “Tour Du (blah)” events supposed to be, you know, sporting events? Tour de France, Tour Deschutes, etc. “Deliciously blasphemous” would be the phrase that comes to mind. 🙂

  5. I am a 29 year old college educated male who still gets laughed at by my wife because i have the toughest time spelling ‘choloate’ correctly. I am tired of being the laughingstock of the family gatherings!! With this pass I know I can conquer my spelling flaw and impress my wife!

  6. Sounds yummy to me. A good reason, the wife and myself need an excuse to escape from the toddler and infant boys we have. “Hello Grandparents! We need some babysitting on Friday!”. 😉

  7. I would like to win because I have never been to the Tour du Chocolat before but would like to before my wife and I move away from Central Oregon!

  8. I just strongly suggested to my husband that this would be a FABULOUS date night idea. He said it doesn’t sound like it would be a healthy date night. So…I think I’m going to have to find a girlfriend to go with me!

  9. Drooling on my keyboard right now!

    I’ve never been to a chocolate tasting…And I’ve never actually won anything before either!

  10. In March 2010 I fell at Mt Bachelor and ended up with a bad concussion (yes, I had a helmet on). I am finally recovered, but it has been a long and hard two years sleeping a lot and learning many things over again. In the process I gained 15 pounds, which I just spent the last 6 months working hard to loose and finally am back to where I was. I am able to work again, remember people’s names and can do math in my head. It has only been recently that I feel in control of my life again and am not stupid anymore (jeez, it was bad for a while..) I also never win anything – so to win this would be the icing on the cake – an evening of amazing chocolate in celebration of life!!!

  11. Because I love chocolate, and as of yet have no real plans for Friday. That’s a pretty good reason, no?

  12. I would love to win the tickets for my wife. She is a self proclaimed chocolate connoisseur and is 8 months pregnant. We haven’t been out much over the last few months and this would be an awesome date for us before our first baby comes in May! Thank you!

  13. Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me!

    My sister and I would really loooove to get free passes to Tour De Chocolat! It would be a great start to a fun- and family-filled Easter weekend!

  14. I just got done watching The Hunger Games movie…Free tickets to ‘Tour Du Chocolate’ would get rid of the awful movie taste I have in my mouth!

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