New radio station: “The Wild” 107.7 FM

The Wild 107.7FM logoLast Wednesday a new radio station premiered: “The Wild” on 107.7 FM. So far it’s not too bad (the little I’ve listened to) but it is a bit heavy on electronic, hip hop, and Autotune for my tastes. According to KBND’s story, it’s “geared to listeners between 18 and 34” and will be heavily playing up the social media aspect—and from what I can tell from that story, it sounds like they’ve got a car with a QR code or something on it driving around that you can snap pictures of and be entered to win contests and things.

So who’s been listening to it so far? What do you think?

6 thoughts on “New radio station: “The Wild” 107.7 FM

  1. What do I think? Hmm, let me see. 107.7 and KBND 1110 are both owned by Combined Communications. “The Wild” plays music heavy on electronic, hip-hop and Autotune; KBND broadcasts talk shows laced with homophobia, racism, and misogyny.

    Sorry, “Wild” — no Combined Communications station is going to be on my playlist any time soon. And that includes “Clear” 101.7, “The Twins” 98.3, and KSJJ 99.7.

  2. As a 24 year old who cannot stand the disk jockeys on Power 94, I have been pleasantly surprised with 107.7. The jockey in the morning doesn’t seem to be working on his first radio station ever and is a lot more professional and put together than Power is. I am a fan and am interested to see how long it takes for this station to shut down Power 94.

  3. So far so good! I love anything but country that makes me want to dance or work out harder and Wild 107.7 has that! In Bend, we needed a new station anyway to add to the flavor and mix in this small town!! Thanks for creating a new station! I’m happy.


  4. It’s a fun station that makes me feel young when I listen. Occasionally I don’t approve of the lyrics and if I had young children at home I would not want them listening just like my parents did not want me listening to that “crazy rock & roll” lol!! The jock in the morning is a green but fabulous at the same time. And to that Elliot dude he should not get that boring awful KSJJ mixed up with the upbeat and positive Country 99.7 The Mountain and I think that is a Combined station but I won’t hold that against them.

  5. I love it!!! Coming from Southern California, I really missed this type of music. You are my new favorite on the radio. Thanks!!!

  6. good music works for me it’s a definitely a great idea to have a variety of this type of music in a small town like bend. 1 thing I can suggest though is a stronger antenna. the station get staticky everywhere in bend. power 94 comes in clear almost everywhere.

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