TEDxBend is a week away

TEDxBendTEDxBend, which I blogged about previously, is just over a week away! Taking place next Saturday the 28th at Summit High School, it’s bringing together amazing speakers in true TED tradition with an overall theme of, appropriately, “Bending Rules.” The speakers are:

  • Blake Canterbury
  • Raj Dhingra
  • Myrlie Evers-Williams
  • Charles Jennings
  • David Hume Kennerly
  • Wren LaFeet
  • Eric Plantenberg
  • Malerie Pratt
  • Sidney Rittenberg

So, the bad news: tickets have sold out, so there are no seats left. (Well, bad news if you wanted to go, but good news for the TEDxBend folks.) But there’s good news—there are still a¬†few onsite live-streaming tickets available, for $35. This is a live streaming room at Summit, so while you won’t be in the auditorium watching the speakers in person, you will still be there and attending. You can purchase those tickets here.

And, at that same link you can purchase a ticket to the After Party (there are still a few of those left too) for $25. You don’t have to attend TED to go to the party afterword, which is taking place at the Century Center from 6 to 9pm that night. The $25 ticket price includes drinks and appetizers, and it sounds like there might be live music as well.

So if you want to attend the live streaming or the after party, get on it! There’s one day and just a very few tickets left.