“Backstage Brew Bus Tour” for Central Oregon Beer Week

Central Oregon Beer WeekThere are a lot of great events listed for next week’s Central Oregon Beer Week, and one that I think is really cool and unique is Wanderlust Tour’s “Pre-release Backstage Brew Bus Tour” that will be visiting both The Ale Apothecary and Crux Fermentation Project—two brand-new breweries that almost nobody has seen yet. Here’s their description:

Take a trip up to Bridge Creek to see Bend’s City water source in all its pure, clear glory. The best beers in the world spring forth from this excellent water source. The first brewery downstream is the new Ale Apothecary- our first stop at this behind the scenes tour! Owner and Brewmaster Paul Arney will share his eclectic, yet experimental craft with us in a gorgeous mountain forest setting. The tour will finish up with a stop at Crux Fermentation Project- Bend’s next great brewery in the making. Open fermenters, shiny copper, a true crossroads of traditional and upstart northwest flavors, seeing Crux behind the scenes is a special treat!

There are only 14 seats available, and the cost is $45 per person—definitely a good deal to get a sneak peek at what two of Central Oregon’s upcoming breweries are up to! Get reservations by calling 541-389-8359.