Happy Girls Run – leave a comment and help raise donations!

Happy Girls RunThis Memorial Day weekend, the 2nd annual Happy Girls Run is taking place with a half marathon, a 5K and a “Happy Little Kids” 1.5K run, with proceeds going to benefit the KIDS Center—and even if you’re not participating directly, you can still help raise donations for the Run to benefit the KIDS Center by leaving a comment here on this blog post!

COUNTRY Financial is the premier sponsor for the Happy Girls Run, and they are very generously offering a comment-based donation/fundraising opportunity: for every unique, non-spam comment left here on this post, COUNTRY Financial will donate $5 to benefit the Run and KIDS Center.

COUNTRY FinancialHere are the guidelines:

  • Make sure to leave at least your name and email (the email won’t be publicized or shared), anonymous comments won’t qualify;
  • Make it a unique and non-spammy comment—“I love the KIDS Center!” is fine, but let’s try not to promote anything non-relevant;
  • The donation will be per-person, not per-comment—so one person leaving 10 comments will only count once.

COUNTRY Financial will donate up to $500 from this promotion!

Let’s raise some money!

Update: The comments are now closed, but THANK YOU EVERYONE who left a comment! This is awesome!!

79 thoughts on “Happy Girls Run – leave a comment and help raise donations!

  1. Support the KIDS Center! Thank goodness Bend has such a vital organization for children in our community. 🙂

  2. I am so excited to be a part of raising funds for such a great agency! Happy girls run AND support kids with love and money. Go KIDS Center.

  3. Thank you to everyone who supports KIDS Center in one way or another. Together, we are making Bend a safer place for children! Now get out and there and run…see you on the course!

  4. Help support KIDS Center this weekend! Get your kids involved and have them run too!

  5. Run to support KIDS Center! Thanks for all you do for children in Central Oregon, KC!

  6. As a community, let’s support the KIDS Center in ways we can….time, energy, financial support, and good cheer/support for those who are running!

  7. Great opportunity to get kids involved with running and feel good about supporting such a wonderful organization – KIDS Center!

  8. So excited to be a part of this awesome event that benefits such an amazing organization such as KIDS Center! What a great motivator to get out there and run!

  9. This is a great and fun event which supports programs for the children of our community. Come out and have a wonderful family time!

  10. Shout out to my girl, BiPola Lola running in the Happy Girl Run and way to step up, Country Financial, sponsoring such a fine event for the KIDS Center! This event, this blog and this promotion all rock.

  11. I am happy to help support the KIDS Center with traveling from Portland to Bend to participate in the Happy Girls Half. Thank you Country Financial for helping donate as well.

  12. Kids Center does GREAT work! Thanks to Country Financial for supporting the Bend community!!

  13. KIDS Center is a vital resource here in our Central Oregon community. Thank you to the wonderful staff and volunteers who do the hard work you do! I hope you know how much you are appreciated!

  14. The Kids Center is a fabulouse place for children to tell their story!!! They open the doors to make a change in chilren’s lives. Thank you for all you do.

  15. What a great event!! And thank you so much for all of the important work you do for our kiddos!! Jen

  16. So proud to be part of a community that supports its non-profits! The Kids Center plays such an important role for our Central Oregon families. Thank you, Country Financial, for your involvement 🙂

  17. KIDS Center is a fantastic resource for Central Oregon. Thank you to all that you do! Good luck and happy running!

  18. Thank you KIDS Center for helping children. I especially appreciate your counselors and how helpful they have been to our CASA kiddos.

  19. Thank you for supporting the KIDS center. We are lucky to have this amazing resource in our community.

  20. Thank you for supporting KIDS Center! We are so lucky to have a place where kids in our community can get the help and healing they need.

  21. Thank you runners and Country Financial for supporting such a great cause, OUR KIDS!

  22. Can’t wait for the big run this weekend!! My kids are running laps to practice for their run too!! Thank you to everyone who is supporting this event and KIDS Center!!!

  23. Thank you for supporting the KIDS Center, a place of hope and light in Central Oregon!

  24. Thank you, we love KIDS Center for all the restorative work they do for children, families and community!

  25. KIDS Center is such an important community resource, thank you for helping to support it!

  26. So, so glad to live in a town like Bend where there are do many great community events to support wonderful organizations like the Kids Center!!

  27. Thanks for recognizing the value of KIDS Center and for helping make things happen in Bend!

  28. Awesome job!!! KIDS Center staff!!! You guys are so awesome and full of compassion for your work you do!!

  29. This is such a great idea to raise money for the KIDS Center! Way to go Country Financial! Hope everyone volunteering or participating this weekend has a great time. KIDS Center is such a great organization!

  30. Thank you COUNTRY Financial and Hackbend.com for supporting KIDS Center and promoting Happy Girls Run!!

  31. The KIDS Center is a great place with great people doing great work. They bless our community in so many ways, let’s bless them with tons of support!! Thank you Hackbend.com and Country Financial

  32. LOVE that there is a facility like KIDS Center available in C.O. So happy to be a volunteer! Thanks to all that support!!

  33. Thank you to all involved – I am grateful to live in such an amazing community and we are all blessed to have KIDS Center here doing the work they do!

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