Google Streetview is now all over Bend

Remember a few months back when the Google Maps Streetview car was driving all over Bend? (It was all over Twitter.) Well Google has now integrated those updates into Bend’s Streetview and you can now view most of Bend’s streets and roads in Google. And maybe even find you or your car in it!

It looks much much of Central Oregon is fairly well covered (up to a point, of course); Streetview even roams around Alfalfa and Prineville Reservoir (here’s the Alfalfa Store and the Reservoir, respectively).

So the question is, naturally, what will everyone be looking at? Ben Salmon has posted Streetviews of local music venues; for my part, since beer and breweries is a big interest of mine, I’ve looked up various brewing venues:

And so on. And of course, I found my car on there as well. No, not outside of a brewery.