TuckMo is closed

TuckMoI was over by where TuckMo Subs & Sandwiches was located yesterday and I was surprised to see the signs gone, the lights out, and everything generally being closed up—I didn’t remember coming across anything about them being closed that I could remember, but sure enough, a sign on the door confirmed it.

And I found this post on Facebook, dated a month(!) ago:

It is with much sadness that I have to announce the closing of TuckMo Subs & Sandwiches which will be on Friday, 6/29. It normally takes 18 -24 months to break even in the restaurant business and at about 20 months we were doing that. But also at that time a national sub sandwich chain opened about 150 feet from my door and there just isn’t enough business for two of us. Our business is off about 40% and I no longer have the money to keep the doors open. They will be opening 3 additional locations here in Bend, OR so are here to stay. Really not much I can do about the situation. Fortunately, I was able to find another restaurant with a totally different menu that will not compete directly with them and who will take over the remaining lease agreement. Those of you in Bend will be familiar with Mother’s Juice Cafe on the west side who will be opening their second location at the former TuckMo location.

Sorry to see them go, I thought they had good food but it sounds like the arrival of Togo’s just around the corner was too much. (Interestingly, and ironically, Togo’s replaced Quizno’s—which itself closed after TuckMo opened.)

I’m glad to see the TuckMo space will be put to use though; Mother’s Juice CafĂ© seems like it would be a good fit there.

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  1. Sorry that a local business was affected by Togo’s…but I gotta say, I never liked anything I had at TuckMo, and I LOVE Togo’s.

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