Bend Brewfest notes and pics

I was down at the Bend Brewfest last night for a couple of hours, and I have to say it’s a really good event again this year, and—spoiler alert!—you should definitely get down there this weekend. (It’s going on today from 3 to 11pm, and tomorrow from noon to 11; not on Sunday though.)

Some notes:

  • The earlier you get there, the better: I expect the crowd will get really busy Saturday (and later tonight), and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I like not having to wait as long for good beer.
  • There are more food carts on hand than I remember from past years, which is good.
  • More sponsors and vendor areas too, which is good.
  • The “Brewtality Tent” in the southwest corner is very cool, with brewers on hand to talk about their beers as they go on tap at the X-Taps. Check this out.
  • The X-Taps (and the Brewtality Tent events) are being scheduled and announced regularly, which is a really good idea.
  • There’s a lot of beer there, which is always a good thing! Odds are there will be something for everyone, even for folks who don’t normally like all beers.

And, here are the pictures I took last night:

2 thoughts on “Bend Brewfest notes and pics

  1. No live music on any of the days I was there. Oh yeah… that would be all of them. 😉 The 80’s dance party on Friday night was fun, live music or not! Not sure where they could put a band anyways, since the tents block the stage.

    Thursday was definitely mellow. Friday night was crowded and there were a ton of folks there on Saturday afternoon too.

    I think they are doing a better job of managing demand. I remember in the past it seemed by Friday night a lot of the breweries were running out of beer but this year I didn’t notice that happening.

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