Speed limit lowered on Business 97 north

This was posted yesterday: ODOT is lowering the speed limit on the north Business 97 stretch from 45 to 35 MPH.

ODOT highway managers said Tuesday they have lowered the speed limit on Business97/US Highway 20 from 45 mph to 35 mph on Bend’s north side, from Empire Boulevard to Mt. Washington Drive/Butler Market Road.

That’s the stretch of old Third Street/Highway 97 basically between Izzy’s Pizza and Empire Avenue—that runs by the Riverhouse, the Bend River Mall Promenade, Applebee’s, Shopko, etc. Honestly seems like an odd area to lower the speed limit when there are other areas in town that should be focused on…

In the meantime, watch your speed on that stretch, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more traffic enforcement for a while to monitor/catch people still going 45 through there.