“I’m going to showbiz!” … Don’t miss “The Producers” at the Tower

Little ol’ Bend has a pretty great theater scene, in my opinion. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Cat Call Productions’ latest show, The Producers (a musical adaptation of the Mel Brooks film) there’s still time. The musical comedy runs through September 22 so don’t wait too long or you’ll miss it!

Cat Call Productions returns for a fourth year of all local, professional quality musical theater, this time with Mel Brooks’ Tony Award-winning musical farce, The Producers. A washed-up Broadway mogul and neurotic accountant decide they can make more money with a bomb than a hit. They set out to produce the worst show in Broadway history, a sure-fire flop. But somewhere along the way things go horribly—and hilariously—right!

Take off your visor and put away your Dixon Ticonderoga pencil, then visit the Tower Theatre website for more information and to purchase your tickets.

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