This seems like a good idea that is probably overdue, frankly:

The City of Bend has launched a new online service to enhance community engagement and provide a forum for residents to offer suggestions on how to improve the way the City does business. The new Web portal,, is a moderated online discussion forum where residents can offer ideas and comment or vote on the ideas provided by others. makes citizen participation more convenient, accessible and effective.

Users can suggest a new service, a service improvement, a policy change or other recommendation. It also invites users to visit subject specific discussion forums on projects the City is currently exploring such as 3rd St. redevelopment and ideas for job creation. The ideas and other feedback contributed on go directly to City leadership.

There’s not a lot of activity on the site yet but it will be interesting to watch as people discover it. The main risk with this type of site is getting overwhelmed with trolls and flamewars and anonymous spam; I hope they’ll keep a good lid on that.

In the meantime, this is your chance to leave some comments and ideas on the site for the City government…