“Sleepwalk with Me” movie at the Tower

Sleepwalk with MeThis notice got to me a bit late, but you still have one more night to enjoy this movie now screening at the Tower Theatre: “Sleepwalk with Me” at 7pm (it originally ran from the 17th through the 21st). Here’s the press blurb:

You’ve just woefully peeled yourself out of that theater seat after BendFilm’s last credits have dissolved onto the screen, and have buddied up to the thought that you’re going to have to patiently wait a whole year until you get to watch another high-quality independent movie on the big screen again. Heroically, the Tower Theatre however has come to your rescue! In a nod to Bend’s vibrant indie film community, the Tower Theatre has secured five consecutive first-run screenings of the 2012 Sundance Audience Award Winner “Sleepwalk With Me” from November 17 – 21, 2012.

Written, directed by and starring Mike Birbiglia, this semi-autobiographical, hilarious comedy about the trials of a sleepwalking bottom-rung comedian with commitment issues is based on Birbiglia’s off-Broadway show and bestselling book. It’s also the first movie co-written by Ira Glass and co-produced by “This American Life.” The cast is populated by the lovely Lauren Ambrose (“Six Feet Under”), Daily Show correspondents Kristen Schaal and Wyatt Cenac, among many other comedic talents.

The movie entertains and charms with the story of a stand-up comedian’s struggles with a stalled career and a stale relationship under marriage pressures – both which induced wild spurts of severe sleepwalking he is desperate to ignore. It all adds up to a fine, funny exercise in disheveled self-deprecation: a self-portrait of a guy who can’t control a major portion of his life. Which – when you get right down to it – could describe almost any of us.

The movie itself is not rated, and general admission costs $7. The movie trailer is below if you want to watch it.