Helping During the Holidays

Many organizations donate to needy families during the holidays. One such business here in town, Vertex, chooses a family to “adopt” each year, providing a tree, ornaments, and gifts to go under the tree. This year, their family is a bit more special than in previous years. That is because Mom is pregnant with a baby boy and has a seven-year-old daughter and they just moved out of a shelter into an apartment less than two weeks ago.  They are basically starting over from scratch.

Because of their overwhelming need, I’ve decided to reach out to the community for additional help. A few gifts under the Christmas tree aren’t enough when the basics have yet to be covered. On top of that, it looks like Baby Boy, who was due on Christmas, is going to make an early appearance so he can be part of the fun too.

So, if you’d like to help and  you have a crib or a bookshelf or kitchen supplies you no longer need, someone else needs them. Maybe you can pick up an extra blanket or baby outfit or a toy when you’re out shopping for your family. Anything helps and will be appreciated. I have met this family and I already can’t wait to meet the newest member when he gets here.

For a complete (or at least an attempt) list of items needed and updates, please visit The Martini Chronicles. You can reach me there to coordinate donations of used items, gifts, money, or gift cards.