Deschutes beer tasting night at the Platypus Pub

Deschutes BreweryI mentioned back in my beer news post last week that the Platypus Pub was planning a big Deschutes Brewery night tonight, the 29th. (And I forgot to mention it this week, unfortunately, until now.) Well it’s Thursday the 29th, and the tasting is here, and it’s better than I knew!

Deschutes posted a photo on Facebook today that has all the details:

Deschutes Brewery night at the Platypus Pub this tonight from 6-8pm. Meet the brewers and enjoy specialty beers including Black Butte XXIII, XXIV, The Abyss ’11 & ’12 & Jubelale on Nitro. If you order a taster of all 5, you will also get a sample of the never released Black Butte XXII.

That is a fantastic lineup—not only are the Black Butte XX series beers on hand (which I knew), but two years of the Abyss as well! (Tom from Platypus had mentioned to me a while back that he had some a couple years of the Abyss that he wanted to do an event for, but I didn’t expect to see them at the same time.)

So if you have time for a fantastic beer tasting event tonight, get down to the Platypus between 6 and 8 and get some of these beers!