New growler fill station at Empire Car Wash

GrowlerIt was a month ago I wrote about the Growler Guys, the first-of-its-kind in Oregon (beer) growler fill station over on the east side (at the Shell gas station on the corner of 27th and Highway 20). Well, just this weekend there has opened up a new growler fill station (independent of the Growler Guys) at the Empire Car Wash on the north end of town (Empire and 3rd Street), featuring 29 taps from which you can fill your growler, or enjoy a pint, after washing you car.

We stopped in very briefly on Saturday just to check them out (we were on our way to get the Christmas tree), and while all of the taps aren’t filled yet, they have something like a dozen beers available now, featuring a fill price of around $9 on average.

So, the “growler fill station” idea is one that is definitely sparking a lot of interest and I’m predicting we’re going to see a big increase in the number here in Central Oregon alone—for instance, the Growler Guys themselves are planning on opening six(!) according to this KTVZ article. It might be too early to say if it’s a bubble yet (“beer bubble”?), but we’ll have to see how the trend continues.

In the meantime, there’s another source of good beer up at the north end of town.