Holiday Gift Guide: Custom mugs from Mug Revolution

With Christmas fast approaching and shopping days running short, it’s time once again to do a local holiday gift guide, presenting a variety of locally-made products and local stores and shops to hopefully give you a number of ideas for your shopping needs.

Mug RevolutionThe number one thing that came to mind when I thought “Holiday Gift Guide” was a handmade coffee mug from Mug Revolution. These high-quality, super durable mugs are crafted by Owen Dearing, glazed with lead-free glaze, and fired in a kiln to 2,350° F to result in beautiful finished products.

Because Mug Revolution’s mugs are fired to such a high temperature, each coffee mug is extremely durable and chip resistant. The sturdy handles are very comfortable for holding a hot cup of tea or coffee. Should you reheat your coffee or tea in the microwave, the handle on the mug will not get hot under normal circumstances. No need to wash the mugs by hand – they have no problems going through the dishwasher.

I can attest to how durable and comfortable they are: I’ve been drinking my coffee almost exclusively from my Ignite Bend mug which I got back in February of 2011, and I absolutely love it.

You can order standard mugs, or check out the online mug builder to customize and personalize a mug to be exactly what you want. Depending on what you order, prices range from $18 to over $30, but believe me when I say they are very much worth it.

One caveat: if you order a mug it’s going to have to be a “late” Christmas present, as a note on the site indicates:

Please note that all orders placed after Nov. 20, 2012 will be shipping Feb. 4, 2013

So while you won’t have a mug in your hand by Christmas day, you can still order one up and can look forward to getting it just over a month later—just in time for hot coffee/cocoa/soup/whatever on those cold February days!