Holiday Gift Guide: Books

With Christmas fast approaching and shopping days running short, it’s time once again to do a local holiday gift guide, presenting a variety of locally-made products and local stores and shops to hopefully give you a number of ideas for your shopping needs.

All Around BendBooks are awesome, everybody needs books—or they should anyway. Being a small town, there aren’t many options for local authors (though there are a few, check out the “local” section of one of the stores below if they have one) but we do have a nice selection of new and used locally-owned bookstores that you should patronize to keep it local.

There is a local book I can recommend right off, particularly if you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s new to Bend, or wants a local guidebook: All About Bend, now in its 4th edition (for 2012, despite the “3rd edition” you see in the picture) that you can find in several bookstores. The book itself is:

…current and accurate descriptions and recommendations on area attractions… accompanied by photographs, detailed maps and driving directions. It is meant to be a premier outdoor travel guide for Central Oregon, and you’ll find it does not focus on businesses, shopping or restaurants, just activities and attractions. This book is written both for locals and Bend visitors alike.

As for our bookstores, here’s at least a partial list of one’s I would highlight:

  • The Open Book: All used books, covering a wide variety of topics; good trade program to get credit towards purchasing books; 155 NE Greenwood Avenue.
  • Pegasus Books: New and used books, along with a huge selection of comic books, graphic novels, toys, games, and trading cards; 105 NE Minnesota Avenue downtown.
  • Dudley’s Bookshop: New and used books, local author selection, and a café is offered as well; 135 NW Minnesota Avenue downtown.
  • The Bookmark: Huge selection of used books of all types; great trade program for book credit on future purchases; 228 NW Greenwood Avenue.
  • Between the Covers: A neighborhood bookstore offering a variety of new books; 645 NW Delaware Avenue.

Any other local book suggestions? Leave a comment!