Ignite Bend 10!

Ignite BendDid you know that Ignite Bend 10 is just around the corner? The latest iteration of this incredibly fun, free event is taking place Thursday, March 7—less than two months away!

I’ve written much about how fun an event this is, both for attendees and speakers (I even got up on stage and did a presentation, back for IB6), so I won’t bore you with that this time around. Instead, mark your calendars for the 7th of March, and stay tuned for when the free tickets go “on sale” online—they have been selling out in a manner of minutes these last few times! I don’t know exactly when ticketing will open but I’ll post it when I do.

In the meantime, Ignite needs speaker proposals! Do you have a burning idea for something you’d like to get up on stage (at the Tower Theatre) and talk about for 5 minutes? Here’s the deal: you get 20 slides on the big screen, and each slide only lasts 15 seconds before going to the next one, no matter what. Topics can be on anything you want, but they need to be rated “PG-13” at most. Go here to submit a proposal.

And because Ignite is always a free event, there is always a need for sponsors! If that seems like something you’d be interested in supporting, go here and check out the sponsorship levels. Every little bit is appreciated.

March 7—don’t forget!

Disclosure: I serve on the Ignite Bend planning committee on a volunteer basis.