Battledecks (& Ignite Bend voting party) is tonight

Tonight is the Ignite Bend Battledecks event and voting party, taking place over at the Broken Top Bottle Shop at 6:30 (though the actual Battledeck-ing will probably kick off around 7)—this is the improv/ad-lib “Powerpoint Karaoke” event where you can sign up to do a short Ignite-style presentation to a slidedeck of completely random and unseen slides. It’s a lot of fun, and after all the impromptu presentations are done, the “winner” of the evening (measured by “vote” of applause volume, I think) wins a special Mug Revolution coffee mug.

And of course you will be able to vote on paper ballots for the speakers lineup for Ignite Bend 10, which is taking place on March 7 a the Tower Theatre. These votes are tallied up in addition to any online voting—which is open now here!—so it’s like getting a second chance to vote.

It’s free too (not counting the beer and food you can buy from Broken Top Bottle Shop). So Battledecks, Ignite Bend voting, fun, beer, and food—what more did you need on a Tuesday night?