Volcanic Theatre Pub is open

Volcanic Theatre PubLocated over on the westside in the Century Center, the Volcanic Theatre Pub is open now, and is taking something of an arthouse approach to theater, offering up plays, movies, and live music; here’s their description:

Volcanic Theatre Pub is committed to enhancing Central Oregon’s cultural environment by providing a unique artistic venue and making an essential contribution to the High Desert community.

Our respect for artistic expression holds us to the highest standards possible, presenting plays that will challenge you with relevant material, acting that will astonish you, films that will shake you, and music that will move you.

All of this in one cozy intimate black box warehouse furnished with comfortable sofas, recliners, four-tops, and bar tops, and equipped with state of the art projection and sound, while serving many of the best local and regional beers and wine.

I’ve always thought Bend could use more theater pubs (I wish the Tower Theatre had been converted to one, years ago) for good deals on second-run or older movies, and Volcanic fits the bill while being a bit more on the cultural side at the same time.

Has anyone watched a movie there yet?

2 thoughts on “Volcanic Theatre Pub is open

  1. YES! You need to check out the huge movie screen. It’s a great place to watch a movie, have a beer ot two and hang with the family. Good time for all. Must see this theatre to appreciate.

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