Is the former Bend Pill Box pharmacy location now a medical marijuana dispensary?

I was heading downtown yesterday on Franklin, and I noticed the old Bend Pill Box pharmacy location near the intersection of Franklin and 3rd Street had a new(?) sign/banner on it (plus papered up windows which I think have been like that for a while):

Former Bend Pill Box - medical marijuana dispensary?

Here’s that banner, a little closer:

Former Bend Pill Box - medical marijuana dispensary closeup

I hadn’t heard or seen anything about it via the usual sources, does anyone know any details?

I suppose it makes sense to house a dispensary in an old pharmacy spot but being that it’s next door to Bend Audiology, across the street from Safeway and more-or-less adjacent to the residential neighborhood over there, it seems a little odd—but then I don’t know how dispensary are regulated. Anyone?

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  1. Great, I work next door to that, at Central Oregon Audiology – and there are ENOUGH sketchy people wandering the area, littering our parking lot, and stealing things like diesel from our truck. This does not thrill me!

    1. Why are people in need of medicinal marijuana “sketchy” ?

      And why is it odd that it’s adjacent to the residential neighborhood?

      Am I correct to assume that both of you believe in the incredible failure that’s the war on drugs?

  2. Oh I have no problem at all with medical marijuana and I do believe it’s absolutely helpful to many people. My comment about the location being odd is more naivete on my part about how such locations are regulated by the state—as much as the government like to regulate businesses I would assume (maybe quite wrongly) that they would regulate the location of dispensaries rather strictly.

    Perhaps someone with some insight knows more?

    1. Thanks for clarifying. I don’t actually know a lot about but my logic is that the state has recognized it as legal medical practice and the location of legal medical practices isn’t something that’s regulated.

  3. They now have signs – Garden Kings, OMMP. And no, I don’t believe that people who are in NEED of medical marijuana are sketchy. But I do know of plenty who use “medical marijuana” without medical need, and those are the ones that I am referring to.

    1. So do you feel that people that drink are shady people as well? How about people that smoke cigarettes are they shady people? If you don’t think they are shady ask yourself the difference? Educate yourself melody and open your mind because it sounds very closed.

  4. What I find sketchy is that a business – any business – would take up residency in that old dump of a building that housed that Mexican restaurant on the corner. You know, the one CO Audiology moved into!

    1. Melody, people are getting offended by your comments because what you said was judgmental and offensive. Calling medical patients shady characters is a very uneducated statement knowledge is power so instead of judging others maybe you should try to educate yourself and until you do keep your comments to yourself.
      Jon, the only regulations are that it needs to be a 1,000 feet away from any school which it is. Please everyone try and remember that these clubs are here to HELP people without these clubs patients would not be able to get the medicine prescribed by their doctors in a safe way.

  5. First of all there are no despensaries in oregon. Despensaries sell weed. Ommp clubs are there for people who use marijuana for medical reasons. Every patient in oregon donates to the clubs to keep there doorz open. I work at one of these clubs and know the people who come to us for medicine. You are a very closed minded person if you feel that ommp clubs should not be in your neighborhood. So many of the patients arw elderly and are the least sketchy people in this town. Marijuana is safe. You should be more worried about the drive-thru safeway pharmacy across the street feeding people oxy and other drugs that actually kill people.

  6. All i know on the location topic is that they have to be 1000ft away from schools other than that my guess is its regulated like any other business

  7. You are all fighting over something that is not important. Who care if the place is a despensary or a OMMP? And it’s not Safeways fault that they’re handing out oxy and other drugs; it’s the doctors who are the ones who subcribe the drugs.

  8. enigma, It is not an argument it is a fact dispensaries are not legal in the state of Oregon yet so it is NOT a dispensary.

  9. I am NOT judging anyone who uses it for medical reasons. The problem I have is with the people who do not use it legitimately. If you think that everyone that goes in there is using it for a real medical reason, you are very naive.

  10. Melody, do you use alcohol for medical reasons? If not why do you consume it? Open your mind, educate yourself. Look at the comments, I am not the first to say this to you.

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