The next Armchair is looking for storytellers

ArmchairThe next Armchair storytelling event is coming up on April 18, and they are now looking for storytellers for the event. The theme is “Obsess” and as they posted on Facebook the other day:

Are you a prolific peak bagger? Have you visited every Dolly Madison factory? Run a 10k in fifty states? Read all of Proust’s In Search of Lost Time? Collected all the Pokemon cards you could get your hands on? Armchair is currently recruiting storytellers for our April 18th event. We’d love you to share your story of Obsess! (*Rabbits in pots not required.)

It will be taking place at Tin Pan Theater and if you’re interested in being a storyteller, you’ll get 10-12 minutes to share your personal true story—without props, cues, or rehearsals. You can get in touch about participating on their Facebook page or by emailing¬† directly.