Who makes the best Lava Flow in Bend?

Lava Flow, originally found on http://jenncrimsontide.tumblr.com/post/27178295355/lava-flow-half-pina-colada-half-strawberryReader Suzanne sent me this question, which I thought would be fun to run on the blog:

Who makes the best Lava Flow’s in Bend? We went to McMennamin’s and the bartender there did not know what I was talking about. I love beer but crave a tropical break on occasion. Are Lava Flow’s difficult to come by in Bend?

Basically I had to look up the drink, and my answer was, “I don’t know, but try 5 Fusion, 10 Below, Hola, or maybe even the Hideaway or the D&D.”

As to what a Lava Flow is: it’s basically a variation on a blended Piña Colada, with strawberry puree added either to the bottom or the top (depending on who makes it) that seeps into the lighter-colored blended part of the drink—looking like lava. It probably originated in Hawaii (go figure).

So, readers: who does make the best Lava Flow in Bend?

5 thoughts on “Who makes the best Lava Flow in Bend?

  1. I can tell you no bartender likes making a lava flow, who keeps fresh strawberry puree handy? Who has time to bust out the blender? Who wants to clean that blender you only used once? I am sure most bartenders just say “nope no clue how to make that, want to try a cider?”

    1. Yeah, at a typical downtown type bar this makes sense, I could see the hassle involved with that. But I wonder about restaurants like Applebee’s or Carino’s or something (chains, yes) that already do blended drinks?

  2. Not a lava flow (I admit, I have a hard time wrapping my brain around sipping a lava flow while perched on the edge of the Deschutes, rather than on a deck overlooking the ocean…)BUT – Greg’s makes a decent Mai Tai. No blender required and no bartender to annoy.

    1. Why NOT sip a lava flow on the edge of the Deschutes? We’re surrounded by ancient lava flows and rocks already! 🙂

      Mai Tai at Greg’s — noted.

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