Little Woody: Beer updates (and wine, too)

Little Woody gnomesI was down at The Little Woody last night (of course) to enjoy the opening night, drink some amazing beer, and giveaway some Central Oregon Beer Week swag (which I’ll be doing again today—watch the COBW page on Facebook for detail on that), and noted some updates to the guide I posted on Thursday, mainly to the beer list.

First, Ninkasi Brewing from Eugene is at the Woody as well as the others I listed—bringing the total brewery count to 20. (Ninksai is listed on the LW site but without any beers or logo so I wasn’t sure of the status.) They are pouring a Raspberry Oatis Stout and RenewAle Porter—I don’t have the particular details but Oatis is a 7.2% alcohol by volume beer (and it might be the vanilla version too), and the Porter was their Winter 2012 seasonal (5.9% abv) so I’m guessing it’s been aging in a barrel for a good amount of time.

Boneyard Beer at the Little Woody

Next, some notable beer updates: GoodLife Brewing‘s “Sour Cherry Wheat” is actually named Tumalo Kriek and it’s a nicely refreshing beer with a bit of tart and the flavor of pie cherries, well done and worth checking out. Three Creeks Brewing had Stone Fly Rye listed as their second beer, in actuality they are pouring a Barrel-Aged version of Golden Stitches Hoppy Wheat Ale. And Boneyard‘s insanely-strong Suge Nite Imperial Stout (from a bourbon barrel) is selling for only 2 tokens—this might be the best deal of the festival, as 2 tokens is the minimum of any beer and this is a 13% monster that yes, there was a line for last night. Don’t miss it!

Little Woody wine

And for any non-beer drinkers, there is wine this year (along with Kombucha for an alcohol alternative), an option of red and white which will cost 3 tokens. I think this is the first year that wine has been offered, in fact.

Finally, there is also one additional surprise beer you will find at the wine booth: they have a keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon! (Fill your taster for 1 token.) Good for cleansing the palate, rehydrating, or if you want to have some fun, offer some up as a taste to unsuspecting friends and tell them it’s a special wood-aged American Light Bock and see what they think. (Yes, I did this twice!)

The Little Woody opens at noon today and goes until 10pm again tonight; don’t miss out!

Crowd at The Little Woody