Ignite Bend submission deadline: tomorrow!

Ignite BendIgnite Bend 11 is coming up in October (on the 23rd) and the proposal submission deadline is tomorrow, Sunday the 29th. (Originally it was this past Wednesday but frankly we needed more proposals!) Have you seen an Ignite? If so, have you ever wondered about doing a presentation on stage yourself? Well now is the perfect time to get in on that!

You get five minutes on stage and 20 slides in your presentation, and each slide auto-advances every 15 seconds—so it can be a very fast-paced, fun five minutes and it goes by very fast!

As for topics: you can talk about whatever you want, as long as it’s not commercial or promotional. And it should be at least PG-13 clean: yes, kids often attend with parents (and we’ve even had some kids on stage presenting). Otherwise, the only other real guideline is be passionate about it!

You have until tomorrow: go submit a proposal!

(Disclosure: As you probably know, I’m on the planning committee for Ignite Bend—and I’ve presented!)