Ignite Bend’s Battledecks events is tonight

BattledecksTaking place tonight at the Volcanic Theater Pub in the Century Center (across the courtyard from GoodLife Brewing) is the Ignite Bend Battledecks event, best described as a slideshow karaoke pre-show for the main Ignite coming up in a few weeks. It’s free and open to one and all, and here’s the premise: if you sign up, you get up in front of a screen and do a short Ignite-style presentation based on a deck of slides that you’ve never seen before—so your improvisational skills get a workout!

In addition to this sort of fast-paced action it’s also the voting party for Ignite Bend 11, coming up on October 23. You can vote online here, but tonight you’ll also get the chance to fill out a paper ballot to vote on your top 3 picks to see on stage later this month.

Come on out! It’s going to be a fun evening, with plenty of beer, and there’s live music taking place at the Volcanic Theater Pub afterwards: The Autonomics along with The Rum and the Sea, and Victory Swig.

It starts at 7pm but Volcanic opens their doors at 5. Be there!