McMenamins High Gravity Extravaganza – Saturday!

McMenamins Old St. Francis SchoolMcMenamins Old St. Francis School is hosting a special mini beerfest Saturday, all day from 1pm until 10pm, which they are dubbing their High Gravity Extravaganza: a host of “big” beers (meaning, higher in alcohol) from a number of guest breweries—both different McMenamins breweries from around the state, and also a bunch of local Central Oregon breweries. It sounds pretty awesome:

Come celebrate the uniqueness of the High Desert in January with an extravaganza of big & bold high-gravity beers.
[2014 Beer list]

Enjoy big bold ales from select McMenamins Breweries, including:

High Street
McMenamins Columbia
West Linn
Old Saint Francis
Roseburg Station
Concordia Kennedy

And from Bend-area breweries, including:

Bend Brewing Company
Three Creeks Brewing Company
GoodLife Brewing Company
Worthy Brewing
Smith Rock Brewing
Solstice Brewing Company

Huddle around the four blazing fire pits while you enjoy the BBQ food specials, and chat with the brewers as many beers are poured. Enjoy the live music, too:

3 p.m. ‘til 6 p.m.
The Nasties

7 p.m. ‘til 10 p.m.
Urban Sub All-Stars featuring MOsley WOtta & Tony Smiley
Redwood Son

It’s free to attend but will cost $1.25 per taste of beer (fest-style), which are purchased as tickets to redeem at the various pouring stations. And brewer Mike White tells me, “We will have beers pouring in the Fireside Courtyard and Rambler Room which are right next to each other.  There will also be 4 beers pouring in the Main Front Patio.  The music will be in Father Luke’s Room but no Extravaganza beers will be pouring in there.”

That beer list (PDF) looks pretty great. If you like beer then McMenamins is the place to be Saturday afternoon.