So, what’s going on with Blue Pine Kitchen and Bar?

I happened to be driving by Blue Pine Kitchen and Bar today over on the westside when I saw this sign:

Blue Pine Shhhh?

All the other signage was gone and there were no lights on either. I stopped briefly for a peek and while there were chairs stacked on tables, there were also a lot of boxes that looked like things were possibly being packed up.

Now, I see back on February 26 they posted on Twitter and Facebook: “Hey all! We’re very sorry, but we’re closing down Blue Pine for some pipe repairs in the restaurant today. We’ll keep you updated on the progress!” And from what it looks like on some of the comments (as well as their Yelp page) is that the repairs could be about a six week process and they could re-open by the end of March.

But that sign, and the stripped-down look of things, and someone’s post on their Facebook page yesterday (“Hey ya’ll Blue Pine is no longer. It is permanently closed! Why is this page even still active!?”) sure didn’t look like there were repairs being done. It looked rather vacant.

I’d love to find out otherwise though; I really liked what they were doing there. So, does anyone know what the deal is?

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