Deschutes County interactive historic landmarks map

So this is kind of a neat tool: historic landmark locations in Deschutes County (not within Bend’s city limits though). It’s an interactive map with three different layers (structures, places, and sites) with a number of clickable landmarks to dig into, in gallery format. It’s built using the County’s GIS software (geographic information systems) but it’s basically like a Google Map in how you can interact with it.

According to their press release:

Deschutes County’s Historic Landmark “Story Map” enables viewers to explore a gallery of location-specific landmarks.

As part of Downtown Bend’s First Friday Artwalk to celebrate May Preservation Month, the Story Map will be unveiled tomorrow night at the Liberty Theater, 831 N.W. Wall Street, in downtown Bend.

Story Map will also be further highlighted Monday, May 5, at 5:30 p.m. at the Deschutes Services Center, 1300 Wall Street in Bend, during the Deschutes County Historic Landmarks Commission meeting.

Not sure how they are “unveiling” it at Art Walk, maybe on a giant monitor/TV screen? But it’s definitely an interesting tool and I hope they add more data to it.

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