Seating rule changes for 2 Les Schwab concerts this year

Les Schwab Dave Matthews concertYou may have heard on the news this week that there are some seating rule changes for two of the concerts at the Les Schwab Amphitheater this year, Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews Band. Here’s what you need to know for this year (from their website):

Some of our GA concerts we expect to sell out at maximum capacity. In the case of a maximum capacity sell out, no chairs, blankets or strollers will be allowed inside the venue for space and safety reasons. For our 2014 concert season, chairs, blankets and strollers will not be allowed at the Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews concerts. You may sit on the grass, dance your heart away, or if a person in your party requires seating, we have an accessible seating area at all concerts.

All the other shows this year will allow strollers, chairs, and blankets. But those other two concerts sold out to maximum capacity, thus triggering the seating rule change for them.

In addition, I believe it’s at least at the Jack Johnson concert (though it may be both) that one-time-use, plastic water bottles will not be allowed (as a condition of the performer). You can bring reusable items like canteens or hydroflasks and they’ll have extra hydration stations (water fountains/tanks) out for refills.

4 thoughts on “Seating rule changes for 2 Les Schwab concerts this year

  1. There’s a rumor going ’round that Matthews is insisting the restaurants at Old Mill must close their outdoor seating during his performance…

  2. If that’s true, then that’s really sad. The show’s already sold out, so it’s not like he could possibly make any more money. People can’t but tickets, so this just puts the screws to local businesses for no good reason. You can’t see the stage and performer from the patio, and they can’t close the river and the trail… right?

  3. I haven’t heard this rumor; the only rumor mentioned—and dispelled—on the KTVZ news story the other night was that they would be closing access to the river, which is untrue, so people can still float by during the concert.

    This particular rumor, if it’s out there, sounds like an extension of last summer’s controversy over the Old Mill closing off access to the opposite riverbank to keep people from getting free concert access…

  4. Just saw that rumor up there and was curious, so I asked the amphitheater’s manager, Marney Smith, about it and she said it is false. Someone tell Jen…

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