There have been a few openings of note, in the past week and a half or so—over on the east side.

Firstly, the first of the two Walgreens coming to Bend has opened up: the one on Highway 20 in the old Pilot Butte¬†Theater location, across from Worthy Brewing. It’s the first Walgreens to come to Bend, ever (Redmond had one before Bend did), but the second one, located at the former Murray and Holt sales lot on the corner of Third Street and Franklin Avenue, should be opening soon as well.

Secondly, the new east side Jimmy John’s opened up last week, the second one for Bend. It’s located next to the Shell gas station/Growler Guys at the intersection of Highway 20 and 27th Street, and I’m assuming they offer the same “freaky fast delivery” promised in all of their commercials. I haven’t been there yet, but if I do maybe I’ll write about it for a “Lunch Bites” feature.

Finally, Laughing Planet Caf√© is now open at 913 NE Third Street—the former location of Taylor’s Sausage Deli (and Cheerleaders Grill before they moved out to Shilo Inn). Laughing Planet is a Portland-based business offering up fresh and healthy foods (“Burritos, Bowls, & Goofiness” according to their website) with an emphasis on local sources. That’s a combination that should do well here, I only hope the Third Street location doesn’t work against them. (Also worth a “Lunch Bites” post.)

3 thoughts on “Openings!

  1. The Jimmy John’s was not good when we went the other night.

    I’m a fan of Laughing Planet – try the Bollywood Bowl. Burritos are giant and messy but tasty.

    1. Agreed. First time eating there. They don’t have pickles, green peppers et al or even mustard for their sandwiches. Who wants just shredded iceberg lettuce and 2 slices of tomato on their sandwich?

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