The Little Woody starts today!

The Little WoodyOne of Bend’s premier beer festivals, The Little Woody Barrel Aged Brew and Whiskey Fest, kicks off today at 5pm and continues tomorrow at noon (ending at 10pm both days)! It’s also one of my favorites, featuring beers aged on wood in some form, many brewed specifically for this event.

As always it’s taking place at the Des Chutes Historical Museum, and is featuring some 23 breweries pouring something like 38 beers (I posted a handy list here), not to mention the whiskey tasting that will be taking place inside the museum throughout the event.

If you can go, I’d highly recommend it. It will cost $10 for the basic entry fee, which gets you in plus a commemorative glass. $20 gets you that plus 10 tasting tokens, which are worth $1 apiece. Remember, though, that beers (and whiskeys) always cost multiple tokens—last year, they ranged from 2 to 6 tokens in price.

But it’s definitely worth it, you’ll be tasting some unique beers you won’t find anywhere else, and the Museum is a great setting. Don’t miss out!