Franklin’s Corner Community Garden

Franklin's Corner Community Garden planFor awhile now I’d been driving on Franklin Avenue and at the roundabout at Eighth Street I noticed on the southeast corner there appeared to be a large garden of some sort being developed. Thanks to a press release that came in yesterday, I have a name for it now: Franklin’s Corner Community Garden. It’s a fascinating idea; here’s the full press release:

Franklin’s Corner is the first community garden constructed on a City-owned lot. Franklin’s Corner, at NE Franklin Avenue and NE Ninth Street, is entirely organic, uses water-conservation techniques and offers a community gathering space for the neighborhood.

The park is a storm water infiltration system, or rain garden. It is designed to capture, hold and naturally treat storm water in the neighborhood. This clean, filtered clean storm water will eventually rejoin our groundwater supply.

For decades, the lot had been irrigated turf in a highly-visible area. The completed garden is an aesthetic improvement for the surrounding neighborhood. Its location provides a viable growing climate and features an edible food forest which is open to the entire neighborhood. The landscape also consists of native plants and pollinators for bees and butterflies.

Plots are available to rent for the growing seasons to anyone. Some plots are sponsored for low-income families. Plots are available on a first come-first serve basis with preference given to returning gardeners in good standing who volunteer to maintain the garden area.

Franklin’s Corner was made possible by widespread support in the community: grants, sponsorships, donation of time, services and material by many of Bend’s local businesses, community partners, volunteers, and neighbors.

It’s a volunteer-driven project but you can sponsor or even rent a plot, which is a great idea. Obviously the 2014 plots are taken, but there’s plenty of time to get in on plots (garden beds) for 2015.

And next Tuesday the 23rd, they are having their dedication ceremony at 5:15 if you wanted to check it out.