Old Mill Brew Wërks is closing

Old Mill Brew WërksIt’s official, Old Mill Brew Wërks posted the news on Facebook:

This Sunday we will be CLOSING the doors to Old Mill Brew Werks!! A farewell to all our fans we will be running happy hour specials all day with mention of this post!!! And free swag giveaways!! Come down and say bye to us all. We will miss all you all!!!

There had been rumors for awhile that something was amiss—I’d heard that a “brewery in the Old Mill” was for sale a couple of months ago, for instance. And from what I could tell, Brew Wërks Brewing—the entity they had spun out from the original OMBW to handle the brewing portion of the business—had quietly been rolled back into the “Old Mill” part of things with uncertain status (on their Facebook page, updated only once in over a year, was a post from someone I know informing them that their (old) business phone number was her new landline number—oops!).

This marks only the second regional brewery to close in 27 years (since Deschutes Brewery first opened in 1988), which is too bad but goes to show that not even the beer industry is successful 100% of the time. (Phat Matt’s of Redmond was the other to close, or rather quietly disappear since there was no formal announcement.)

If you want one last drink and bite from OMBW, head down there Sunday (tomorrow) to pay your respects.