Esta Bien!

On Friday we stopped by the relatively-new Esta Bien! on south Third Street, next door to the Third Street Pub and kitty-corner from the Red Carpet Carwash. (At 304 SE 3rd Street, to be exact.) In large part a taco shop, they actually have a more expansive menu that includes buritos, tamales, tortas, pupusas and more. Based on their website it would seem they are best-known for their pupusas, which are “a traditional Salvadoran dish made of a thick, handmade corn tortilla (made using masa de maíz, a cornmeal dough used in Latin American cuisine) that is usually filled” with cheese, pork, and refried beans.

Esta Bien

They basically have a full bar as well, offering 4 beers on draft (Negra Modelo, Tecate, Dos Equis, and the ubiquitous Boneyard RPM IPA) as well as margaritas, and bottled beers and drinks.

I ordered three different tacos (steak, pork, chicken), my son got a chicken burrito (HUGE), and my wife got a taco and a pupusa. All the food was excellent, and pretty inexpensive: $2.50 per taco (a few were higher for more expensive filling), the pupusa was $3, and the burrito was $8 (but like I said, HUGE). You should be able to see on the picture I posted (click to enlarge) most of the prices.

Apparently they make their own tortillas on site, too (according to a co-worker). And that big pitcher of white liquid? Horchata, which my son ordered—a sweetened, spiced rice milk essentially, which reminded me of eggnog. Yum.

All in all, pretty much a no-frills, hole-in-the-wall place that’s inexpensive and has surprisingly great food—this is the place that could give Taco Stand a run for its money (and I like Taco Stand). If that’s your thing—and it should be—then you need to head over and give Esta Bien a try.

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