Zwickelmania 2015!

Zwickelmania 2015

The statewide beer event Zwickelmania returns tomorrow, where breweries open their doors to visitors for special samplings (straight from the zwickel, the special tap on the side of the tanks to taste the fermenting beer), brewery tours, swag, specials, and more. The fun starts at 11am and lasts until 4pm.

Here in Central Oregon, 13 of our 26 overall breweries are participating (listed here on the Brewers Guild website), and I’ve got specific entries for each on the calendar page. You’ll find something special at each one.

And there are shuttles available, too—definitely something you should be using if you don’t have a designated driver! There are two routes in Bend and one in Redmond, and you can see the schedule on the PDF here.

Finally, if you like doing the Ale Trail thing then check out Zwickel Bingo—a bingo card generator I have over on my beer blog. Generate a bingo card and play along as you tour breweries! There are no actual prizes or anything, it’s strictly for fun, but as a bonus you could have the breweries stamp your bingo card with their Bend Ale Trail stamps!

Have fun and stay safe tomorrow!