Bend is on (another) top 10 list

Yes, Bend has made yet another “top 10” list, in this case in Men’s Journal’s “The 10 Best Places to Live Now” compilation. Which we saw first in, ironically enough, the Oregonian.

Think of Oregon, and a hazy green vista comes to mind, a valley of evergreens behind a veil of perpetual rain. It’s easy to forget that half of the state is desert. It’s the other Oregon, and Bend is its bustling metropolis.

A former logging town on the edge of the Cascade Range, where dense pine forest gives way to desert junipers and sagebrush, Bend is sunny and mild all year round.

Bend was their fourth of 10. The other entries on the list seem fairly arbitrary (as these lists are)—cities like Carbondale, Colorado, and St. Paul, Minnesota—but maybe it’s seeing Bend pop up on so many of these type of lists (best beer town, dog town, “best place to reboot your life”, “sunny places to retire”, for startups, and so on) that I’m fairly desensitized to them.

What other Top 10 lists should Bend be on?

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