The Victorian Café is closed until 4/23

The Victorian CafeHeads up, as they posted on Facebook, The Victorian Café will be temporarily closed through Thursday, April 23: “The Vic will be temporarily closed until the 23rd to make some repairs to better enhance your Vic experience.”

Haven’t been to The Vic in awhile, but the westside establishment has long been one of my favorite breakfast spots in town (and many Source readers agree). No mention of what types of repairs are being made but if they are only closed for two or three days everyone will be getting their eggs benedict and man-mosa fix in no time.

In the meantime there are some other terrific breakfast places to hit, including the McKay Cottage, Café Sintra, and Pilot Butte Drive In.

2 thoughts on “The Victorian Café is closed until 4/23

  1. To me, the Vic is highly over rated. We laugh when we see crowds standing outside waiting to get in. Someone started the PR that this is a great place for bfast, and I guess NO one wants to say: “It’s just eh. Who wants applesauce for bfast?”

  2. I’ve always had a great breakfast there, so I’m definitely not one to say, “It’s just eh.” The wait is crazy though.

    What other breakfast places do you like?

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