The Dough Nut’s Second Location

In my travels yesterday, I saw this exciting change to the outside of the old Papa John’s location in the Erickson’s Thriftway parking lot:

dough nut east

Yep… that’s The Dough Nut. According to the readerboard outside their Galveston location, the new shop will open on Friday, June 12. This block seems to be getting second (and third) locations for a lot of great shops. Croutons has been there for a while, and there’s a new building going up across the street that will house Backporch Coffee, Taco Del Mar, and Emerald City Smoothies.

2 thoughts on “The Dough Nut’s Second Location

  1. I’m surprised Croutons is still there. They’re open only 11-3 on Saturday, closed on Sunday and close at 7 pm during the week. Can’t make any money when you aren’t open.

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