Gift Guide 2015: “Bend Wild” Calendar by Mike Putnam

Continuing with my own gift guide suggestions for the holidays, with just over a week of shopping left until Christmas!

Everybody needs calendars, and for 2016 I’m really liking the look of the “Bend Wild” Calendar from Mike Putnam Photography—a great deal at $15!

"Bend Wild" Calendar

Mike wrote about the calendar:

I’m very excited to announce the release of my very first “Bend Wild Calendar”, hot off the presses for Christmas. I’ve entertained countless suggestions to print my own Bend, Oregon area calendar for years and this year, I finally made the plunge. This beautiful calendar was printed in Oregon and designed right here in Bend. Thanks to Sally and the staff at Red Barn design. Sally isn’t just a great neighbor, she’s a great designer as well! All of the images in my new Bend wild Calendar were captured near Bend, in the Central Oregon region. This calendar is 11 inches tall, 12 wide and when open, it is 22 inches tall and 11 inches wide. Below is the cover of my Bend Wild Calendar! Celebrate the beauty of Bend, Oregon, all year long!

You can purchase online directly here.

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