Raganelli’s Pizza, from Tumalo to Bend

Are you familiar with Raganelli’s Pizza? They’ve actually been in Central Oregon for 5+ years but only recently (mid-February) moved to the east side of Bend, over on Bellevue Drive (near Worthy Brewing and Cuppa Yo). They were originally located in Tumalo, and I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of them before moving to Bend.

Raganelli's Pizza

Friday night my wife and I stopped in to try the pizza, and I was impressed overall. It’s a small space, befitting the small strip mall/takeout vibe that the area exudes, but they do have three tables and a small counter to sit at if you want to eat in. They have 8 or 10 beers and cider on tap, all good and mostly local selections, as well as a small cooler selection of to go bottles (plus you can fill a growler). While we were there I think more people came in to order (or pick up) pizza to go.

The menu offers up pizzas, sandwiches, and salad, and the pizza we ordered (half Chicken Bacon Ranch, half Barbecued Chicken) was pretty good—except we forgot to hold the jalapenos on the BBQ Chicken so it was hot, even after picking them off. (This past season’s crop of jalapeno peppers is just intensely hot and spicy!) The service was very good also.

It’s definitely oriented to be more of a take-out place, and likely next time we get pizza there it will be to go, though I will say I thought it was a neat little space with a cool feel to it, and I’d be happy to enjoy a beer while waiting for pizza.

Raganelli’s is definitely worth a look, especially if you live over on the east side.

547 NE Bellevue Drive #107
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 647-2343

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  1. I’ve never heard of them either. I live on the east side and know exactly the commercial area you described, but haven’t seen anything new or a sign. Will search them out. This is one reason I read your blog…to find out what new is going on in town.

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